Singapore Nightlife


Travelling constantly can be exhausting and one needs to have some time to unwind from the daily stress. The best way to do this is to enjoy the nightlife of the city and if the city is Singapore then you have just hit the jackpot. The nightlife in Singapore can fulfill all your heart’s desire. “Ask and you shall receive” seems to be the motto of the city. Everything from bars, pubs, to theatres, karaoke, parties to strip joints and lounges can be found here.

The party culture of Marina Bay, Orchard Road and Geylang are quite popular and so are the bars of Mohammad Sultan Road. Singapore tourism encourages this culture and the industry itself sells and promotes standard tour packages officially known as Singapore Packages.

Irish Pubs and Other Highlights

Scruffy Murphy and Dirty Nelly are two of the most famous of Singapore’s Irish pubs. The assortment of alcohol and liquor on offer here makes this place a heaven of earth for alcohol lovers.

Businessmen should visit the Supperclub for its fine dining experience along with a great selection of wines unless of course they are in a hurry. The Raffles Hotel and the Long Bar are two other great places one can visit for the snacks and, of course, the specialty of Singapore ­­­­­- sling pinks.

Singapore nightlife

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Red Light Areas

Unlike most other countries the red light areas of Singapore are recognized but in patches and their nightlife are also quite popular. Still, one needs to be wary of the areas.

As mentioned before, the nightlife offered by Singapore is simply amazing and astounding in its variety. Drinks, snacks, people-all of these are great and are waiting to be experienced by the weary traveler. Experience the night like never before with Singapore’s beautiful lights and sights.

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  • Angel Tan

    Yea. Nightlife of SG is great. You might want to check out George’s Mad Bar along East Coast Road too. Great place and peopl :D